Inya Lake Hotel

The Inya Lake is an artificial lake created by the British as a water reservoir from1882 to 1883 in order to provide water supply in Yangon.

The lake was formed by joining small hills that surrounded creeks that formed during the monsoonal season. A series of pipes and cables distribute water from Inya Lake to Kandawgyi Lake near downtown Yangon.

Located on a 37-acre, verdant parcel, the Inya Lake hotel possesses a unique history. In an era of heightened tension between the Soviet Union and the United States, it became part of the Soviet's foreign policy to befriend third world countries like Myanmar [then known as Burma], especially as Myanmar in the late 1950ies governed by U Nu, was still a socialist country.

In his 1958 state visit to Myanmar, Secretary General Nikita Khruschev presented the Government of Myanmar with three gifts; one of which was the Inya Lake hotel.

It is claimed that Khruschev had a personal hand in the design of the free-form swimming pool that is one of the high-lights of the hotel

The Inya Lake Hotel was a grand, impressive gesture to demonstrate the skills and technology of Russian engineers, architects and technicians who came and built what was described by the international media as the most modern hotel in Southeast Asia of that period. Construction was started in 1958 and the building was completed and opened for the first guests in October of 1962.

Although the hotel was refurbished with modern facilities, the original building has remained much the same as it appeared when it was built with characteristic high ceilings in the spacious lobby, in the rooms, the "Mingalar Hall ' ball room as well as the Orchid Café.

Hotel Opening: October 16, 1962

Joint Venture Date: May 15, 1990

Joint Venture Hotel Starts Operation: January 1, 1991

Major Refurbishment of the Hotel with modern facilities: 1995

Hotel's Official Re-opening Date: October 27, 1995

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