Kratie (pronounced Krah-chay) is the southern gateway to the Mekong River, and 16km away is the home of the rare Mekong River Dolphins.  Kratie is a friendly, “sunset” town on the banks of the Mekong River with a bustling central market. Kratie is also popular for its pickled raw fish “Nem” and sticky rice “Kralan” at Thmor Kré, and tasty pomelo at Koh Trong.

Places of interest

It is one of the province’s natural and historical resorts opened to tourists since the Sangkum Reas Niyum Time. The mountain offers fantastic views overlooking the Mekong River and is a great place for meditation.

Wat Sosor Muoy Roy is both famous for its many pillars and its history with tales of the King’s daughter being swallowed and killed by a crocodile. The temple was built in dedication to the soul of the princess. It was once struck by a lightning bolt resulting in 22 burnt pillars and many statues deteriorated by smoke. Following this incident, the temple was demolished and rebuilt with 78 pillars by the local people.  However, in 1978, the 100-pillar pagoda was once again renovated to 35-metre in length, 18-metre in width, 23-metre in height, and increased to 116 pillars.

Constructed at the end of the 18th or beginning of the 19th century, Wat Roka Kandal is a restored ancient pagoda located right on the riverfront about 2km south of Kratie on the road to Chhlong. It is ideal for a bike ride or an extended walk by going south and staying along the riverside. There is a range of low-priced souvenirs, and the pagoda is worth seeing as it is an ancient, Laotian style place which has been beautifully restored. There is also a more modern pagoda on the road, with a good contingent of monks who can be heard chanting at dawn and dusk.

North of Kratie (16km) are Kampi pools where a view of the rare Mekong River dolphins “Irawaddy Dolphins” in their natural habitat may be available either from a boat tour or from the river bank. The spectacular river scenery and the rural, friendly villages are added attractions. At this site, there are handicraft sellers who produce handicrafts and wooden carvings for sale. Visitors may watch the remarkable local artisans complete their carvings. A further 1km north is Kampi Rapids where visitors may relax, swim and enjoy both the rapids and the scenery.

Located in the Mekong River and just a 5-minute ferry ride from Kratie Provincial Port, Koh Trong is a perfect place for a leisure bicycle ride or ox-card ride around this friendly and quiet countryside island.  The island is home to the most expensive and uniquely delicious pomelo in Cambodia. It is said that due to the sense of uniqueness, Cambodian officials usually do not go elsewhere but Kratie to purchase Koh Trung pomelo for gifts to their superiors. Additionally, there are many traditional Khmer houses built on stilts with the constructed year indicated on the roof; and many pagodas and floating village overlooking the river bank and homestay. Visit the rural heart of the island and you may glimpse at some vegetable crops and rice fields.