Ben Tre

The picturesque province of Ben Tre, 88 km from Ho Chi Minh City is comprised of several large islands in the mouth of the mighty Mekong river. Due to its location away from the main highways it receives comparatively few visitors. Ben Tre is an ideal introduction to the lush and fertile Mekong Delta area and is home to swaying coconut palms and floating markets.

Places of interest

CON PHUNG (Phoenix Island)
It is situated on an island emerging from the middle of the Tien River, and has an area of 28 ha. Visitors can enjoy an interesting excursion on the way to the island by boat. Visitors can see original architectural works of the site of the holy land of the Coconut Religion. In Con Phung there is also a handicraft village producing furniture with materials taken from the coconut tree, and families raising bees for honey from the longan flower. The product is sold on the spot to visitors. It is also known as the Island of the Coconut Monk after a patriotic monk named Ong Dao Dua lived and founded his own sect here.

The locals make much of the stocks that nest at the local bird sanctuary, San Chim Vam Ho. It would be interesting to see a community of birds and stocks including 84 species like pelicans, cattle egrets, night herons and gray cranes.

The performance of this kind is quite popular among the Mekong dwellers. It would be a miss of identities of the Mekong tour without the show.

Coconut candy is the candy that made by coconut milk and coconut cream which symbolize for "Land of coconut".