Dong Hoi

Dong Hoi, the capital city of Quang Binh Province, is graceful with a nice river, lotus lagoon, sand dunes and beaches. It is the town closest to impressive Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, a world heritage site. The legendary Ho Chi Minh trails and war vestiges can be seen around the national park. There are some beautiful beaches on the other side of Nhat Le river, along which the town is situated.

Places of interest

The natural caves and unique water grottoes specifically define Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. The park is endowed with thick jungles comprised of a wealth of wildlife and plant-life.  UNESCO has recognized this park as a World Natural Heritage Site for its natural properties.  This park is proximal to the Vietnam-Laos border; 500m from Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam; 40km from Dong Hoi; and central to the Annamite Mountain Range.
Phong Nha “ Wet Cave”. An underground stream which is believed to start from Laos distinctively defines the cave. Although the British Royal Cave Associate has visited the cave for an exploration and estimation of the cave’s length, no final conclusion has been offered.  They have made progress and managed to explore 17km from the entrance of the cave in their most recent exploration.  Currently, only a small section containing beautiful grottos and thousands of limestone formations impressed with unique images are open to the public.
Phong Nha “ Dry Cave”. In a recent discovery, the Dry Cave has been found to be on top of a hill near the Wet Cave.  Significant stalactites and stalagmites grottos are visible after climbing high staircases of some hundred steps.  Additionally, visitors are rewarded with a magnificent view of the neighbouring countryside and villages once they reach the cave’s entrance.

Dubbed as “Sahara Desert of Vietnam”, Nhat Le Beach offers a series of interesting relaxation activities. Take a walk alongside the romantic mirror-like Nhat Le River let your soul leisurely castaway on the rippling river waves. The early morning is the ideal time to immerse on the long-lasting sand bank before dipping into the blue sea water. Nhat Le is also famous for a great deal of beautiful cultural activities and historical sightseeing. Visitors many independently travel around Bao Ninh seaside village, joining an interesting fishing festival, listening to the enchanting folk songs, contemplating a traditional dance performed by graceful local girls.