Responsible Travel

What does Vidotour do ?
  • We support rural communities with homestays and other events where proceeds are given back to the village.
  • We have optional tree planting in several locations throughout the region.
  • Guests may visit local schools in several locations to interact with local youngsters and maybe even give them a language tip or two.
  • We offer products where guests work directly with those in disadvantaged situations and are able to truly make a difference.
  • We donate materials and labour to construct kindergarten facilities in impoverished communities.
  • Our staff makes regular trips and donates to orphanages and other charitable centers that help the disadvantaged.
  • We donate to the victims of natural disasters in the region
How do we get travellers involved ?

Friendship Village -  northern Vietnam

Located 16km outside Hanoi, Vietnam Friendship Village is a residential treatment centre for over 150 children and veterans affected by Agent Orange. Though the war came to an end over 35 years ago, the consequences are still visible here and the wounds haven’t yet healed. As part of our responsible travel offerings, Vidotour recently included this address in our tour programs in the hope that these people  can alleviate their mental and physical pains.

Volunteer activities such as cleaning residential areas, repainting doors and windows, doing minor repair work, planting vegetables in the organic garden, playing with disabled children and  assisting with English studies could be arranged by Vidotour upon request.

Hope House- central Vietnam

This is vocational training centre for young people from remote areas situated outside the old imperial city of Hue. These youth come here to learn an occupation with the hope that they might change their lives and help their native village someday

Duc Son Pagoda and Orphanage - central Vietnam

Duc Son is an attractive Buddhist pagoda located just a few kilometres outside of Hue. It is also home to nearly 200 orphans. Vidotour is proud to be a supporter of this orphanage and pagoda over the years. We are keen to draw the attention of kind hearted and generous travellers to the plights of these underprivileged children. A visit to the orphanage during which guests have a chance to help the children with their foreign language study is what we have been happy to organize on request.

To help the children financially, we recently suggested that the nuns to provide vegetarian lunches during guests' visit. The nuns prepare food and some adults who grew up at the orphanage volunteer to come back and help serve. Guests enjoy the vegetarian specialties of Hue while listening to some moving stories told by the servers themselves. The proceeds from the meals are then used to purchase clothes and food for the children.

Villa Hue - central Vietnam

Vidotour is an enthusiastic supporter to this partner hotel staffed with students from nearby Hue Tourism College. Working at this hotel is a great opportunity for students to train for their vocation.

Lantern making in Hoi An - central Vietnam

A little lantern lights up many a life. Our lantern making tour in Hoi An offers guests hands-on experience in making a colourful lantern to really understand and appreciate the values behind it.  The local workers and artisans also appreciate the fact that their handicrafts are sustainably conserved and their jobs are secured.

Tra Que Village - central Vietnam

This village was little known in the past. We are proud to be the first tour operator to create this product along with the local farmers. A visit to this village offers guests the chance to get a deep insight into the daily life of the people here. After 7 years, the locality now has a decent place on tourist map of Hoi An, but more importantly, more jobs have been created and farmers are leading better lives.

Streets - central Vietnam

More than just a business, this place was set up primarily to help street children receive vocational training and lead a better life. Many underprivileged children have been trained here and now have decent jobs at high end resorts around central Vietnam. Most of our clients ask to go back for another meal simply because they realize it’s more than just a meal.


Nam Cat Tien National Park - southern Vietnam

Visit the Endangered Primates Species Centre to learn about the rehabilitation of rescued endangered primates, including golden-cheeked gibbons, which are found only in southern Vietnam and Cambodia. This centre takes in gibbons and other primates that have been rescued from homes and businesses throughout the region and rehabilitates them until they are healthy enough to be released into the national park. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff makes a visit to this centre interesting and rewarding.

The Lao Baci Ceremony goes local- Laos

Vidotour is committed to socially responsible tourism that gives back to local communities, and we are proud to introduce a very unique product for our guests visiting Laos: a traditional Baci Ceremony held in a local villager’s house. The Baci Ceremony is an ancient Lao tradition that predates Buddhism in the culture and is traditionally held for major events in a person’s life, such as arrivals and departures, the birth of a child, and also important religious events. This intimate Baci Ceremony can be attended by a maximum of six guests and all of the proceeds are given directly back to the local community.

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